Feral Instincts Bonus Epilogue | Author Genevieve Jack

Feral Instincts Bonus Scene

Silas sat at the bar in Valentine’s restaurant, sipping his vodka and tonic and trying hard to forget that Alex was back in Carlton City. With the dragon fae amulet in his possession again, no one was safe. Sometimes being a detective and the alpha responsible for Fireborn pack was like bailing a boat with a large hole in the bottom. As soon as he thought he’d done what was necessary to keep his wolves safe, something would happen and they’d be at risk again. And nothing he could do as their leader or as a member of the Carlton City PD could help.

He didn’t blame Jason for what happened. If he’d had known whom to face off against, Nickelova in her dragon form or sickly Alex, he’d have chosen Alex too. What was that old saying? Out of the frying pan, into the fire? As a werewolf, Alex was the less threatening option, with or without the amulet. With the right help, Silas knew he could track Alex down and end this war for good.

“The answers you’re looking for aren’t at the bottom of that glass,” Soleil purred into his ear. When had she arrived? Standing behind him, her presence put off a sunny glow in the dim light, her radiant heat warming his back. “I came as soon as I heard.”

She slid onto the leather stool next to him with the grace of a dancer. Everything about her was long and polished, down to the golden-blond chignon that crowned her head. His stomach twisted from holding back his desire for her. For a moment, he flashed back to the last time he’d had her in his bed, the alcohol fueling a vivid recall of the warmth of her skin and the soft feel of her body. He squirmed and focused on his glass.

“Have you heard anything? Any sign of Alex?” he asked her.

“No. I’ve spoken with all the girls. He hasn’t come into the bordello. With dragon fae magic, he might be able to conceal his appearance, but as you know, what makes Maison des Étoiles extraordinary is celestial fae magic—my girls can read our patrons’ thoughts, their deepest and truest desires, even if they’re disguised.”

“I remember,” he said. His eyes betrayed him, and he looked at her again, his gaze tracing the deep vee of her royal blue wrap dress. It tied at her waist with a bow that Silas desperately wanted to pull. He forced his attention back to his drink and cleared the thickness from his throat. “He’s weak. Not visibly injured, but emaciated. In need of care. Jason doesn’t think he could have gone far.”

“I see. Probably in no need of sex then.” She narrowed her blue eyes. “He’ll go underground. You said he was last seen in the vampire district?”

“Yes. Just north of Lost Things.”

“Interesting. I haven’t heard a thing, which means…”

“Someone must be helping him.”

“A vampire?”

“Seems likely. Most vampires have no moral qualms about hosting a murderer, especially in trade for daylight services. A werewolf watchdog while you’re in the coffin would be more than fair payment for hiding, feeding, and healing.”

“Vampires aren’t traditionally healers,” Soleil said.

“Not per se, but vampire blood has healing properties for various supernaturals.”

“It also has side effects.”

Silas nodded, taking a swig of his drink. “Use too much blood and he’ll bind himself to the vampire. Alex will become the bloodsucker’s pet if he’s not careful.”

“It’s more likely he’ll try to find a witch or dark fae to do the healing, even under a vampire’s protection.” Soleil frowned. “I’ll do some research and bring you a list of underground healers.”

“Thanks, Sol.”

She turned her attention fully on him. “How are you handling all this?” When she crossed her legs and leaned toward him on the bar stool, the slit of her dress fell to either side of her knee and gave him an eyeful. Repeat the alphabet. Think of teddy bears. He rolled his eyes toward the ceiling.

“The empty glass isn’t enough of a clue?”

“You’re welcome in my room anytime, you know, if you need to work off some of that stress. I’ve missed you.”

And now his erection was straining against his fly with a vengeance. “There are nights I dream of taking you up on that offer,” he said, trying not to look at her. “But I meant what I said.”

“You want exclusivity.”

“I’m a wolf and I’m an alpha. I don’t like to share.”

“And I’m a madam of a bordello. Sharing is my business.”

“You run the place, Soleil. It’s not as if you’re the one for hire.”

“I’ve seen many males, human and supernatural, cross through my doors. Trust me when I tell you, monogamy is a disease. I love you too much to curse you with it.”

“And I love you too much to give you anything less.” With that he did allow his gaze to meet hers, her dark blue eyes reflecting the light from the bottles behind the bar. Her irises reminded him of the star-filled night sky.

“I didn’t come here to fight,” she said. “I came to try to help. A fairy’s heart is a powerful weapon in the wrong hands, especially a dragon fae’s.”

Silas sighed. “Well, that is one problem solved. Ryker found Nickelova’s heart while my brother Jason was pounding Alex’s face. Alex got away with the dragon-scale amulet, but the heart is safe with Ryker.”

She lifted an eyebrow. “If you consider that yard sale of a shop Ryker runs safe. Although a demon would never give up a prize like that, not for all the money in the world.”


Soleil looked at him incredulously. “Unlike wolves, demons originated with the horned god, Panaal. It is said that a demon with a fairy’s heart is impervious to the usual things that can kill a demon: a seraph blade, holy water, and burning the bones of the human body he was birthed from.”

Silas swirled the ice in his glass. “I guess I don’t know much about demons.”

“Take my word for it, Ryker will wear that thing around his neck if he can find a locket it will fit in. And he’ll never let it out of his possession.”

“As long as it’s out of Alex’s hands, I’m going to count that as a win.”

She reached out to run her nails through the back of his hair. The feeling sent goose bumps dancing across his skin and a zing of electricity through his body. He closed his eyes. “You’re the smartest man I’ve ever known. You’ll figure this out. I know you will.”

Her fingers trailed from his neck, and her lips landed on his cheek, her fresh-as-sunrise scent filling his lungs. He opened his eyes in time to see her crossing to the door.

“I’ll bring you a list of healers as soon as I can get it,” she said.

“Thank you.” His voice was all gravel.

With a small wave goodbye, she allowed the door to close behind her.

She was right. Silas would catch up to Alex. He had to. After what Alex had done to his parents, his siblings, and his pack, Silas would never stop his pursuit. He wouldn’t sleep until Alex was a pile of bones. It was only a matter of time.

Why then, as a detective, an alpha, and the smartest man she had ever known, could he not solve the mystery of Soleil’s heart? He motioned to the bartender to refill his vodka and tonic. There might not be any answers at the bottom of the glass, but tonight he was going to keep drinking.

At least until he ran out of questions.

For now that was all he had.

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